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Virtual pass / Priority Pass

    Are you a student?

    Virtual Innovation Pass

    Virtual full access to Innovation Conference Day
    Start price - €30 (Save €59)
    Regular price on the day - €89
    Number of tickets:

    Priority Pass

    Start price (only five more available) - €119 EUR (Save €150)
    Regular price week before - €269
    Number of tickets:

    Enterprise Design Thinking by IBM

    Lead faster and more innovative - €80 *fee is for organisation not IBM
    Number of tickets:

    Certified Agile and Scrum Practitioner

    Easily manage complex projects - €150
    Number of tickets:

    Machine Learning for better business outcomes

    Get machines do it for you - €300
    Number of tickets:

    How to move your business online

    Step by step toward your e-commerce
    Number of tickets:

    Data Science for Business: Concepts and Techniques in R

    Make data-based decisions - €200
    Number of tickets: