AI and Biotechonlogy


Kris is a medical doctor, researcher, lecturer focused on longevity and future of medicine and biotechnology. He is a founder of a new scientific field "nutrigerontology" which studies the impact of nutrition on the aging and aging-related diseases and personalized medicine. His first book published at the age of 16, made him the youngest author of a science book in Europe. He researches the impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on medicine, health and our bodies. Kris is a lecturer on new developments and paradigm shifts in medicine, healthcare and the science of aging and he gave talks for Google, the European Parliament, Cambridge University, Procter and Gamble, Singularity University, King's College London, and various other organizations, companies and universities.
Tech Ethicist, ML Researcher, Social Reformer


Eleanor ‘Nell’ Watson is a Machine Intelligence engineer who worked to pioneer Deep Machine Vision at her company QuantaCorp, which enables fast and accurate body measurement from just two photos.
In sharing her knowledge as AI Faculty at Singularity University and author of Machine Intelligence courseware for O’Reilly Media, she realized the importance of protecting human rights and putting ethics, safety, and the values of human spirit into A.I.
Nell serves as Chair & Vice-Chair respectively of the IEEE’s ECPAIS Transparency Experts Focus Group, and P7001 Transparency of Autonomous Systems committee on AI Ethics & Safety, engineering credit score-like mechanisms to safeguard algorithmic trust.
She also chairs EthicsNet.org, a community teaching pro-social behaviors to machines, CulturalPeace.org, crafting Geneva Conventions-style rules for cultural conflict, and Pacha.org, connecting a network of service providers to help enable the automated accounting of externalities such as pollution.
Nell serves as Senior Scientific Advisor to The Future Society at Harvard, and holds Fellowships from the British Computing Society, and Royal Statistical Society, among others.
Her public speaking has inspired audiences to work towards a brighter future at venues such as The World Bank, The United Nations General Assembly, and The Royal Society.
Mariya Gabriel
European Commissioner for innovation, research, culture, education and youth


Mariya Gabriel is the European Commissioner for innovation, research, culture, education and youth. She guides all EU policies relating to Horizon Europe, innovation and research, the Erasmus+ programme, education, culture and sport.
Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society from 2017 to 2019. Under her leadership, the digital single market of the European commission became reality. She has created the first pan European programme “Digital Europe” with a budget of 9.2 billion euro.
She has been elected to the European Parliament in 2009, 2014 and 2019.
Mariya Gabriel is Vice-president of the European People's Party and since 2012 she is Vice-President of EPP Women.
She is one of the 50 most influential women in Europe in the field of cybersecurity. Mariya Gabriel has been honored with numerous awards. Among them is the award “Women of Influence 2018” in the category “Talent in Politics”, the most prestigious Italian prize “Golden Apple” for highest achievements for women, the Beaumarchais Medal for her contribution to the protection of the interests of European artists. The Honorary Committee of USA-Central European Women in Business Summit awarded her the 2019 award for her series of initiatives to promote greater participation of women in the digital sector and recognition of their role in the development of the digital society and economy.
Mariya Gabriel holds a Masters in Comparative Politics and International Relations from the Institute of Political Studies in Bordeaux.
From 2004 to 2008, Mariya Gabriel was a temporary teaching and research assistant at the Institute of Political Studies in Bordeaux. Her teaching focused in particular on the decision-making process of the European Union, political sociology and international relations.
Dr. Kira Radinsky
Chairperson and CTO of Diagnostic Robotics


Dr. Kira Radinsky is the chairperson and CTO of Diagnostic Robotics, where the most advanced technologies in the field of artificial intelligence are harnessed to make healthcare better, cheaper, and more widely available.
In the past, she co-founded SalesPredict, acquired by eBay in 2016, and served as eBay director of data science and IL chief scientist.
One of the up-and-coming voices in the data science community, she is pioneering the field of medical data mining.
Dr. Radinsky gained international recognition for her work at Microsoft Research, where she developed predictive algorithms that recognized the early warning signs of globally impactful events, including political riots and disease epidemics. In 2013, she was named to the MIT Technology Review’s 35 Young Innovators Under 35, in 2015 as Forbes 30 under 30 rising stars in enterprise technology, and in 2016 selected as "woman of the year" by Globes. She is a frequent presenter at global tech events, including TEDx, Wired, Strata Data Science, Techcrunch and academic conferences, and she publishes in the Harvard Business Review.
Radinsky serves as a board member in: Israel Securities Authority, Maccabi Research Institute, and technology board of HSBC bank.
Dr. Radinsky also serves as visiting professor at the Technion, Israel’s leading science and technology institute, where she focuses on the application of predictive data mining in medicine.
Nikola Otašević
Engineering at Facebook


Nikola Otasevic is the Head of engineering for Facebook Jobs, where he leads an org that is building the next generation hiring platform for the world. Nikola got into the jobs space through Refdash, a company that he co-founded in 2016. He grew Refdash from an idea in his head to a profitable company that he eventually sold to Facebook.

Prior to Refdash, Nikola was at Google, where he worked on developing machine learning solutions for Google’s local search. Google previously acquired Room 77, a startup in which Nikola was an early engineer.

Nikola earned a Master’s degree in Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence from MIT, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from MIT. He graduated from Mathematical High School in Belgrade.

Female Narratives Cofounder, FORBES 30 UNDER 30 2019


Tijana co-founded Female Narratives two years ago with fellow model Franzi Klein. After 10 years in the modelling industry (having been scouted at the age of 15) she was dropped, without warning, by her agency for not being thin enough. Disillusioned with the system of both modelling and ad agencies, Tamburic wanted to utilize her other skills and passions that were never encouraged by her agency. That's why she started Female Narratives: a creative agency that operates using a collective of female-only talent to tell stories through women. It brings together over 100 creative women ranging from directors to artists to poets. Clients include Bumble, North Face, W Hotels, Kiehl's and dozens of female-led sustainable and ethical brands.
Software engineer and product developer


Title: Natural Language Processing methods and Machine Learning

Nikola is Software Engineer (Machine Learning/Natural Language Processing) graduated with a Bachelors in Electrical & Electronic Engineering from Imperial College London and a Masters degree in Computer Science from the University of Cambridge. Nikola has previously worked at Samsung in Korea, Credit Suisse in Switzerland and Amazon in Germany (as part of the Alexa Machine Learning Division).
Currently, he is working for JobCloud, the largest job portal in Switzerland, on developing products that will connect jobs with qualified candidates via semantic search.
Nikola’s team is using Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to enable jobseekers to discover the right job that will utilise their skills to their full potential, as well as employers to discover highly qualified candidates they would have overlooked otherwise. His mission is to provide an opportunity for everyone who has the right skills and create a society where everyone is fulfilled with what they do professionally.

Serial entrepreneur / startup junkie


Let´s spare a thought for the people struggling to make their ideas happen. In his keynote speech the audience will go through the entrepreneurial journey: how people perceive the entrepreneurs day-to-day and how it really is. In the face of that reality, you will hear practical advice on turning ideas into real businesses.
Last 7 years he has been involved in several startups in Norway. Like any other entrepreneur, his journey has consisted of failures and success.
During his journey, Mas has been privileged to lead some really amazing people. He did everything he could do to create an environment where they could thrive. At the same time, innovation and product development towards the younger generations has been the main focus for his startups
After 7 years in the startup world, he has failed a lot, succeeded with some ideas, and learned a lot! This has given him a vast experience in launching, market, and selling, which in return have created several profitable businesses.
PhD, Research Scientist in Metabolism, Universite de Geneve


Sanda Ljubičić is a Research Scientist and Lecturer in Metabolism at the Faculty of Medicine in Geneva, Switzerland. Sanda possesses a doctorate in Life Sciences and has a significant experience in academic environment acquired in different countries (United States, Switzerland, Serbia, and France). Her field of research/expertise encompasses metabolic diseases, diabetes, insulin deficiency and pancreatic islets biology. Besides research, she is interested in public health, scientific communication and entrepreneurship in the biomedical area.
In 2014, while being part of a biotech start-up company in Geneva, Sanda also initiated a drug discovery program in the field of diabetes for the search of small molecules targeting specific receptors within pancreatic islets. With her team, she was also able to get the prestigious Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation award allowing the company to develop the project.
PhD, Medicinal chemist, DKFZ German Cancer Research Center


Jelena studied Chemistry at the University of Nis. She obtained her PhD from the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Goethe University Frankfurt in 2008, followed by postdoctoral work at the same institute. The main focus of her work was on the development of synthetic oligonucleotides for therapeutic use (antisense oligonucleotides and RNAi). She also played a leading role in setting up a start-up company developing methods for analyzing viral genotypes. The innovation was awarded at the Science4Life competition (2013.) Business concept and innovation was awarded in 2014 with the Goethe Innovation Prize. In 2016, she joined the group of Prof. Knapp as a medicinal chemist and is currently working on development of molecules for the targeted degradation of kinases and bromodomains in cancer therapy (PROTACs).
Head of EIB Regional Representation for the Western Balkans


Dubravka comes from Luxembourg where she has been working in the Lending Operations of the EIB. Dubravka was responsible for Public-Private Partnerships and Project Finance operations in Ireland, France, UK, and Benelux. She initiated the establishment of the Western Balkan Investment Framework (WBIF) and the Western Balkan Enterprise Development Innovation Facility (WB EDIF). Before joining EIB, she worked in the media as a Television Producer for CNN, covering conflicts in the Balkans and the war in Afghanistan, for which she won an award in the USA from the US National Academy of Television, Arts and Sciences. She graduated Finance and Banking at the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade, and holds a Master degree in International Finance and Management from Bocconi University in Milan and Anderson School of Management in Los Angeles.
Author of the book "Deep Learning for Programmers"


Nikola Zivkovic is CAIO and team leader with over 10 years of experience. During this time span in the industry, he worked on both, smaller web projects and large enterprise solutions. In the past couple of years, he specialized in the area of machine learning, deep learning and AI, and he advocates merging this knowledge with good software developers' practices. He is the author of the book "Deep Learning for Programmers" and numerous online courses for Pack publishing. He loves to share his knowledge, so you can often find him speaking at meetups, conferences and as a guest lecturer at the University of Novi Sad. More about his interest can be found on the blog Rubik's Code.
Ana Ranitović
PhD, Project leader / Research Analytics Policy at University of Groningen


Ana Ranitović is an anthropologist turned entrepreneur with a passion for building projects and businesses from the ground up. She holds a BA in Sociology, a PhD in Anthropology obtained at the University of Oxford as a Chevening and Clarendon scholar, and 10+ years in analytics, qualitative research and development. She has channeled this experience into creating value for communities by growing several successful social entrepreneurial and startup projects, most recently, as co-founder and CEO scaling Serbian edtech startup Campster to six countries and so far serving over 500k individuals in South East Europe.
Hajdi Cenan
Co-founder and CEO of airt Vice President Croatian AI Association


As she describes herself, Hajdi Cenan is a non-tech person in the tech world, life-long learner, travel & wine lover, a believer in benefits of equality, and hater of writing short bios.
In her previous life, she was the Executive marketing director and Director of tourism publishing in Europapress holding (now Hanza Media) and COO of DRAP, the most-awarded digital marketing/tech/innovation agency in Croatia.
Currently, she is the co-founder and CEO of her newest venture, AI startup airt that enables banks to easily and quickly implement and use the power of artificial intelligence on their data. She is also one of the co-founders of PWN Zagreb, the association that promotes equality and gender-balanced leadership, as well as vice president of the Croatian AI association.
Nina Angelovska
Minister of Finance of the Republic of North Macedonia


Nina Angelovska was born on 13th July 1988 in Skopje, Macedonia. In short, her life path looks like this:
He finished secondary education in Rade Jovcevski - Korcagin Gymnasium. In 2010, she graduated as a student of the year in E-Business at the Faculty of Economics, University Ss. Cyril and Methodius, with 9.94 average grade. At the same time, she received the Manning Award for The Best Student of the Generation in Economic Science.
During her studies, Nina was engaged as a demonstrator at the Faculty of Economics for the following subjects: Mathematics for Business, Statistics for Business and Web Design, at the same time taking part in several national and international competitions. As for the international competitions, the most important one is the Balkan Case Challenge in Vienna, supported by WUS Austria, where Nina won the 3rd place, while with respect to the national competitions, she reached the greatest success at the most innovative business plan competition organized by the National Centre for Development of Innovation and Entrepreneurial Learning, where she won the first place, and thus she small funding grant for launching her business idea.
She started her professional career by establishing the first website for group discounts in Macedonia - Grouper.mk, immediately after her graduation, thus putting her knowledge into practice. Grouper has provided for boosting the e-commerce market in the country, reaching huge success, becoming leader in the market and acquiring numerous awards and certificates of acknowledgment.
At the same time, Nina continues her education at the Faculty of Economics Skopje within Ss. Cyril and Methodius University, acquiring the Master's Degree in E-Business Management. In 2013, she started the PhD/doctoral studies, and became a Doctor of Philosophy in Organizational Sciences and Management within Ss. Cyril and Methodius University, in 2016.
Given her 9-year experience in managing the leading e-commerce company and the successful entrepreneurial story, Nina is a speaker, trainer and mentor at numerous events, conferences and academies. As of 2012 until today, Angelovska has participated as a speaker in over 300 domestic and international events among which the Digital Western Balkans Summit in London, Forbes 30 under 30 Summit in Sofia, UNCTAD E-Commerce Week in Geneva, and many others.
Her passion, desire and enthusiasm for work, progress and changes, as well as thesynergy of science and practical work, has provided her with many opportunities. Nina has been engaged as a consultant in many different projects among which those related to UNCTAD. Macedonian Telecom (Makedonski Telekom), and others. In 2017, the US Embassy nominated her to take part in the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2017 held in India, where Angelovska participated as an entrepreneurial representative of our country.
By having a mission to create favorable climate for growth and development of the industry, she initiated the establishment of the first Macedonian E-Commerce Association in December 2017, which Angelovska runs as her President.
She is co - author of the published comprehensive E-commerce Analysis Report titled: "Readiness, Potential, Actual State, Barriers And Recommendations For E-Commerce Development in the Republic of Macedonia", published in June 2018.
Under the US State Department Program, "Tech Innovation and Entrepreneurship Professional Fellows Program”, during the period April-May 2018, Angelovska stayed in the USA, where she worked at Coleman Entrepreneurship Center, DePaul Univeristy, in Chicago.
Her potential and hard work is internationally recognized. In 2016, the renowned German Magazine the Hundert ranked Angelovska among the 100 Female Startup Founders Europe, while in 2018, Forbes honored her with the prestigious 30 Under 30 award for Europe in the retail sale and e-commerce category.
As of 2018, Angelovska has been a Management Board Member of the European eCommerce and Omni Channel Trade Association (EMOTA) and a Member of the Advisory Board of the Ecommerce Foundation. In 2019, she also became member of the Management Board of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia.
In addition, in 2019, Angelovska was promoted by UNCTAD as eTrade Women Advocate.
Luka Babić
HR / workforce / people / human capital analytics and diagnostics | Founder at Orgnostic


Luka Babic is an intrapreneur who turned entrepreneur. Luka served as the Head of People Operations at Infobip, one of Europe's biggest tech unicorns, for over six years. Before starting his company, Luka took charge of setting and directing Infobip's People Ops function as the company scaled from 250 to 1500 employees in more than 50 locations.

In his current venture, Luka collaborates with university professors from his alma mater, Harvard University, and the I-O psychology powerhouse, University of Michigan, to bring academic research data and insights into the hands of business leaders around the globe. With the human capital diagnostics startup, Orgnostic, he is on a mission to help leaders worldwide make smarter organizational decisions with the help of technology, data, and domain expertise.

Ivanka Višnjić
Associate Professor of Innovation at ESADE Business School


Ivanka Visnjic is Associate Professor of Innovation at ESADE Business School, where she also acts as Director of the Institute for Innovation and Knowledge Management. Ivanka worked at consulting firm McKinsey & Co, completed her PhD at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium and held visiting posts at University of Cambridge where she also helped set up business-led partnership, Cambridge Service Alliance.
Ivanka’s research, teaching and advisory activities focus on discontinuous technological
shifts and disruptive and radical innovation in products, services and business models. Her research has been published in well-established academic journals and she received a number of awards and grants, including Poets & Quants’ 40 under 40 Professors in 2020, IBM Faculty Award in 2012 and others. She led joint research projects, gave keynote speeches, hosted workshops and worked closely with C-suite and senior management teams of a number of global companies.
Emina Ćehajić
Vice President Business Development NSoft


Growing up and living in The Netherlands, Emina spent the majority of her professional life in the international corporate world at Jacobs Douwe Egberts Peet`s Group, the largest pure-play coffee and tea company in the world. Emina, a firm believer of transformational leadership and emotional intelligence successfully led various sales & customer care teams. For the past six years she provided mentorship and training within NSoft and is currently responsible for launching and penetrating the innovation pipeline (AI boosted products) within business development.
Igor Bogićević
CTO, Co-Founder at Orgnostic


Igor is a senior executive with extensive experience in scalable and distributed architectures and complex partner integrations with 20 years of experience in various domains of the tech industry. He is currently CTO and co-founder of Orgnostic Inc. - human capital diagnostic platform. Prior to that, he was CTO and co-founder of Seven Bridges, an industry leader in biomedical data analysis recognized by MIT Tech Review as one of the smartest 50 companies in 2016.
Zoran Vasiljev
Group CEO at Centili


Zoran Vasiljev is the Group CEO of Centili, a growing global digital monetization company. He is also the Group Strategist at Infobip.
Zoran is an executive with extensive knowledge and legacy in building and running successful digital ventures. He is specialized in telecommunications, investment strategies, M&A, organizational transformation, marketing and product development, channel strategy and business development.
He has more than 25 years’ international experience in digital media, telecoms, and management consulting. Before joining Centili, he led projects in the EU, MENA and APAC, holding top executive and leadership roles with Apigate, Axiata Digital, StarHub, Arthur D. Little, Value Partners and Peppers & Rogers Group.